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  1. It's different, but I love it! :-)
  2. Agree, thank you so much! I love this website so much, with all it's wonderful people :-)
  3. I reaaally hope I'm wrong, but I voted for "none". I really hope I'm wrong though, would be amazing if they won them both
  4. 16 years of brilliant songs, concerts, interviews, EVERYTHING! Best band in the world, happy birhtday!
  5. A tweeted about Talk, Don't Panic is on the front of the website... I really hope it isn't a "Greatest Hits" album. I want a brand new one... :D
  6. haha, that's an amazing pic.
  7. As long as it's not a song for LP6 I'm happy. Hey Brother by Avicii is amazing, It could be interesting! :-)
  8. Thank you everyone for the updates! What a night! :-)
  9. From Twitter: Ellen ‏@EllenofChina Only some MX left on gear at side of the stage. Nothing they're playing on
  10. oh god, I hope everyone is okay. And I hope everyone is enjoying under1roof as well :-)
  11. Thank you for the updates so far! Keep em coming! :-)
  12. They look great! Is there a setlist? :-)
  13. (What the hell am I doing back here) Well, it's all coming true, Tim :-)
  14. Christmas Lights and Atlas is the two most played songs atm.
  15. Found that one as well! The new vocal parts sounds AMAZING! So that's what they were working on! :-)
  16. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0U4smngoDM]Coldplay - Atlas (Avicii Remix) - YouTube[/ame] I think this is new, since some parts are completely different! Like the way he says "sometimes the wire" and of course "I'll carry your world" !
  17. How come I've never heard this before? Beautiful! Will is amazing.
  18. Chinese Sleep Chant Prospekt's March Atlas Strawberry Swing Swallowed In The Sea :-)
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