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  1. Doctor Who 6x13 The Wedding Of River Song I have so much feelings to express but it's just hard to say. :lol:
  2. Sid's dad? :laugh3: I like Peter Capaldi's play in The Hour. :cool:
  3. Brown. But most of time it looks black.
  4. Doctor Who - 6x11 Closing Time Silence will fall when the question is asked. Oh ;_;
  5. I'd like to vote this one: Hannibal and Will (Hannibal - Hannigram) :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: I started reading fan-fictions recently (well only Hannigram because I am not really interested in other masterpieces. lol). And I feel that the world is bigger than I thought. Fan-fictions totally expend my sight. Then here's a problem keeps bothering me. When I watch the tv series or movies which I already watched before AGAIN, I do change my view of the characters and giggle at some actions/talks that I used to not notice. Sorry. :rolleyes: I respect the relationships between the cha
  6. Happy birthday Will!!!!! (Listen Death Will Never Conquer right now :nice:
  7. FF is going to Taiwan to have a gig in November this year. Some of my friends are going to attend. However, I never listen to FF's music. Do you have any suggestions.. songs for beginners? :lol: Thank you so much. :)
  8. House of Night: Burned (7) I love this character Rephaim :)
  9. I watched how Muse making albums. It is really amazing.
  10. House MD 5x06 Joy wat?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kiss????????????????????? Uh :thinking:
  11. Hannibal Rising 8/10 I think the whole movie is pretty cool. But the ending is not good. It could be better. :lol: BTW, there are so many actors, actresses I know. :laugh3: awwwww the Hour (?) I'm kidding. :lol:
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