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  1. Okay. :lol: btw, it seems John Simm is tired of facing Doctor Who fans. Oh :(
  2. Welcome Kathy :nice:
  3. Yu-tong


    Welcome! :nice:
  4. I see. :thinking: But what reasons makes you use it? (You may not answer it because you don't know anything, right? :laugh3: :laugh3:
  5. I don't have clue about the Master. :lol: Oh, it's Hannah~ (BTW I love John Simm :dazzled:
  6. Thank you! I've already ordered it from the library. :awesome:
  7. _________ I hate you final exams. :angry:
  8. I get what you mean. :dazzled: It's a Danish short film starring by Mads Mikkelsen. If you want to know what he says in the end. Check the spoiler. :lol: I wanna do that with my friend which is a big fan of Mads Mikkelsen in summer vacation. *two weeks later* :awesome: I borrowed Red Dragon from the library last week. Every time I finish reading a chapter. I feel so creepy and different especially when Will and Hannibal have the conversation. (I watched both the film and the novel two or three years ago.)
  9. He did it on purpose. Nooooooooooooooooooo :angry: Thank you. *write it on the list* I watched Nu last week.
  10. #Hannibal #1x11 #Rôti I guess everyone now concerns/worries about Will. :nod: _____________ I'm so interested in Mads Mikkelsen's works NOW. I can't believe he plays the bad guy in Casino Royale. *I love 007 by the way. :dazzled:* I wish Hugh Dancy can have more works. :lol:
  11. I am so glad the show will have s2. :dance: Do you check these video before? It may conclude spoilers. But I laugh so hard with them. :laugh3: Hannibal Crackvid
  12. Yu-tong


    Welcome! :nice: I don't have b sides/singles. D:
  13. Yu-tong


    Hello. :nice:
  14. DW A Christmas Carol It really touches my heart. :)
  15. It tastes yummy. :D A radio drama/comedy. :awesome:
  16. Hello everyone. I'd like to order a piece of strawberry cake. :lol: Did anyone hear it before? I believe it would be interesting. http://www.david-tennant-news.com/entry/double-income-no-kids-yet-re-broadcasting-starting-today
  17. I must have memory loss or something. :|

  18. Thanks for the explanation. :) Oh, did I do that? :O

  19. Doctor Who The Big Bang 5x13 Well in the end that is brilliant. I'm glad you are coming back. :awesome:
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