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  1. i got one extra ticket for manchester june 9th and i want to swap it with a ticket for june 10th concert is anyone interested ? EDIT: It's a GA ticket
  2. Okay I don't know how to do that , i'll just delete the quote then
  3. OOh you revealed the votes results that may influence others choices :D Well I still can't choose !! EDIT : I did it: Fix you !! I guess it's just because of my mood today !!
  4. Seriously between Fix you and Clocks I can't do that !! That's like choosing between mum and dad !!
  5. Jesus what an awful threat title !! Check information before creating a thread like that!! it seriously almost killed me !!
  6. when you create a twitter account just to follow coldplay
  7. You can still watch them on this link : http://www.stream2watch.me/live-tv/abc-live-stream
  8. Funny thing : gwyneth and coldplay on tv just one after the other
  9. this one seems to be working and t's not all about weather but not about coldplay either
  10. HAHA !!! they have really been talking just about weather for the last two hours !!
  11. Please give me the one based in los angeles the latest it is the better is for me I have to go back to uni right now !!
  12. I think that the show will start in half an hour on this link : http://www.kcrg.com/streaming and in 2 hours and a half on this one : http://www.stream2watch.me/live-tv/abc-live-stream
  13. in 15minutes but I highly doubt that they will start with coldplay right away
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