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  1. The first part is really god !!! I am not joking it really is !! good job ;) but i maintain what i said the second link is just not working :confused:
  2. Would love to see your work but the link is not working :confused: EDIT: sorry my bad it is working now :)
  3. OMG I am so excited !!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH :D
  4. OMG that's so funny :laugh3: !!!! I'm dying of laughter here :D they are really CUTE :lol:
  5. Oh okay my bad, can't download it either :(
  6. the link is still available on youtube !! I mean the 2008 interview on etalk i don't know if that's what you are talking about ??
  7. Haha i didn't know about that !! I wonder whose idea was it to play a song twice :laugh3: that's cute somehow :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Band
  8. Don't let as in -Don't let it break your heart- or Don't let go as in : So whatever you do don't let go (Us against the world ?) might be a ghost
  9. Even tho my favorite album is AROBTTH I voted for VLV for being the best album title !!
  10. Up in flames in the last episode of The Vampire Diaries !!! that surprised me :o specially that the scene didn't even fit into the song or should I say the song didn't fit into the scene :D
  11. Agree that cake looks so Yummy !! I get now Jonny's obsession with cakes
  12. She seems to be such a good mum and I finally get why she did get along with Chris at the first time : Dirtier sense of humor than most people think. It comes from my dad, we loved to shock my mother. :smug:
  13. Thank you so much for reporting this :)
  14. Lol bien joué je me disait bien que ca me rappelai qlq chose mais j'arrivais pas savoir ce que cetait :laugh3:
  15. Death and All His Friends - 6 Up With The Birds - 4
  16. Awww this picture is so cute, such a great Dad :) And yeah I do think that it's Disneyland I used to work there couple of years ago I would have loved to bump into them :rolleyes:
  17. Well all I know is that It was while singing Everything's not lost in Manchester back in 2002 check that link on Youtube : [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGgLdnC3smE]Coldplay - Full Concert live from Manchester Arena 2002 - YouTube[/ame] It's the whole gig but if you want just the "Hot in Here" part it's at 53:50 Don't know if he did it in another gig :)
  18. I like the "won him over, and got him to put a ring on it " part !!
  19. C'mon english is not our first language :) And this thread is very funny indeed :D
  20. God I hate gossips like that about such great people like our beloved Chris!! That actually really upsets me way too much !!!!:veryangry2: Yeah I know but I am seriously thinking about switching major and study psychology just to have the slightest glimpse of what his mind is all about !!
  21. The scientist (i just loved it more than anything else and i still do ) Wasn't that little tho ;)
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