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  1. Just forget about it...

  2. I wonder what happened to that Mylo doll ...?
  3. I cannot even begin to think of a link between what i said and the picture she posted, I mean like seriously what the F ??! Hahah that's exactly what I am doing right now :D Amd yeah that's very very nice what you suggested coldplaymom !! Thank you very much on behalf of everyone here in the forum
  4. I wouldnt trust anyone with e-tickets, I mean its too risky ... If you understand little bit of french u could try here : http://www.leboncoin.fr/annonces/offres/ile_de_france/?f=a&th=1&q=Coldplay If you don't I could help you I am planning on buying my tickets via this website as well... There are few tickets at their face value I just dont know if the sellers are trustworthy
  5. Wooow truly amazing poems all lf you !! I am blown away ...like seriously !!
  6. Aww look at Moses taking pictures with his little camera. I wonder how is it like for them to see that many people screaming whenever they are few feet away from the band...
  7. Seems to me that the generations to come got themselves a Chris MArtin JR to fangirl on !!
  8. Yes Hye burned urself ?
  9. Hahaha her post just made laugh :D OFF TOPIC : I mean lory i think that u have to stop using the translators on internet because that won't help us understand half of what u are trying to say and won't help you to get what's going on here on the forum either I don't know how old you are but just keep focused on your english classes don't skip them and it's going to get better... I don't mean to be rude or anything I personally don't read your posts most of the time but it started upsetting people here...
  10. I don't about you girls but this lovely picture of chris reminded of this famous painting :
  11. Haha I used to do the exact same thing with a math teacher at uni that looked like Chris !!
  12. I don't think he sound like chris when he speaks maybe he just have the same accent !
  13. I somehow read what u wrote : girls are comiiinggg :D :escaping2:
  14. OMG when was that ? where did you get those amazing pictures from ?
  15. Yeah we can totally see through it and from what I see the chest hair is gone.......:cry: But He is still REALLY HOT !!
  16. HIIIIIIIIDE !!!! OMG this is so funny i have been waiting for this for soooo long !!
  18. Wooooooow u're a true artist !!! I don't know how old are you but you should totally find a way to send these to Paris (the artist working with coldplay on MX) I'm sure he will get you to do an internship with him or whatever !!!!!!!!
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Claire :)

  20. Let's just not mix everything, they are only talking about occupied Palestine - Israel, and imho those people palestinian (even if they are arab/muslim) they still have nothing to do with bombings in other countries they already have enough problems on their own. But this has gone waaaay to far let's just keep this forum about something we all love and agree on: COLDPLAY IS AN AWESOME BAND
  21. Just found this old post on this thread !! She look gorgeous I've never knew that she had freckles until until now
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