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  1. Haha I justed voted for jonnyboy without even noticing that this was a 9 year old thread !!!
  2. Parachutes 8 AROBTTH 26 X&Y 5 VLVODAAHF 9
  3. yeah that's what i thought as well they kept the name Xylobands instead of just wristbands !!
  4. Lovely version of paradise not quite sure if we could call it a cover
  5. I literarily followed them in the UK back in June really good memories !!! U had a very nice view there but still don't like the song sorry :) We don't all like the exact same things I guess...
  6. Yeah i've seen them playing Don't let it break your heart live 4 times already let's just say it's was my least favorite moments of all of the concerts
  7. Don't let it break your heart I just don't like this song and was a bit disappointed when they had it in the setlist for this tour they should have kept lost! instead
  8. Does anyone have extra standing tickets for this show ??
  9. Parachutes 8 AROBTTH 26 X&Y 5 VLVODAAHF 9
  10. Parachutes 8 AROBTTH 25 X&Y 6 VLVODAAHF 9
  11. Sorry it was almost over Moving to Mars 8 Charlie Brown 2
  12. Parachutes 8 AROBTTH 23 X&Y 7 VLVODAAHF 10
  13. A Ghost 10 A Hopeful Transmission 10 A Message 10 A Rush of Blood to the Head 10 A Spell A Rebel Yell 9 A Whisper 5 Amsterdam 11 Animals 10 Bigger Stronger 10 Billie Jean (Cover) 10 Bloodless Revolution (Demo) 10 Brothers & Sisters 10 Bucket For A Crown 10 Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Cover) 10 Careful Where You Stand 10 Cemeteries of London 11 Charlie Brown 11 Chinese Sleep Chant 10 Christmas Lights 10 Clocks 10 Crests Of Waves 10 Daylight 12 Death And All His Friends 10 Death Will Never Conquer 10 Don't Let It Break Your Heart 9 Don't Panic 10 Easy to Please 10
  14. thank you that must have been a lot of work to go backwards through all of those pages !!!
  15. I was there as well, he was very nice and let us hold chris's puppet to take pictures with it !! I have been looking for the blog everywhere since but sadly I couldnt find it !!
  16. Strawberry Swing 151 Life In Technicolor ii 75
  17. OMG I can't believe that this game ended and for Politik YAAAAAAAAAAAY !!!!!!!
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