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  1. Parachutes 9 AROBTTH 21 X&Y 9 VLVODAAHF 9
  2. Up With The Birds 8 Us Against The World 2
  3. Moses :heart: buy this place
  4. I just LOVE IT when he does stuff like this !!!!!
  5. My God that is way too much I love coldplay very much and would love nothing more than to meet them like everyday but I don't see myself stalking them like that that's not even healthy !!
  6. The concerts were AMAZING !!! Really good obviously I don't have enough good and expressive words to describe how great it was specially sunderland and I'am quite sure that Chris remembered me he winked at me while singing Yellow :dazzled: and looked at me once in manchester (i think that he was thinking : "ooh no not her again " haha) Anyway I WAS SOOO FUCKING HAPPY

  7. Amazing pictures but I think that they are from one of the manchester's shows...
  8. Hey everyone !! I'am desperately looking for two golden circle tickets for this concert saw them three times in the UK and I simply can't get enough of it !! Plz pm me if u got any spare tickets or know someone willing to sell them :)
  9. Hi everyone !! I'am desperately looking for two golden circle tickets for paris september 2nd
  10. Hey !! I really cannot believe it if it wasn't for the pictures i would have convinced myself that it was just a dream!! He was really nice !! OMG I'am still excited about it Best day of our life isnt'it ?

  11. I have to say that again maybe it was thanks to the rain but the crowd was crazy that night !!! Best concert I have ever been to !!
  12. I don't know how to upload them on the website !! And I wish I had one of when I was hugging him but I don't :( ! Ill try to put upload it as soon as I go back home still have a few days to enjoy London :D I
  13. Heyyyy olivia i'm the other coldplayer!! So happy that we met chris the other day !!! IT WAS REALLY GREAT SPECIALLY THE HUG PART !!! OMG You Have really beautiful pictures there !! Very nice meetin you hope you got home safe i'am still in London tho And yeah you forgot the part just before he left when he was like "please girls don't get cold !! " OMG IT WAS AWESOME !!
  14. No he didn't :D it was because of the rain !! We had to wait for them to change it !!
  15. I just missed the last train !! Those of you that are going to the concert tmrw just get ready for a long confy and warm night at the train station just like me ad few others now :)
  16. The crowd was REALLY amazing !! Best Coldplay concert yet !!! I wonder tho what happened to that broken piano ...
  17. Ah cool !! tu compte y aller quand ? dailleurs tu as recu tes tickets ou pas ?
  18. Coucou tt le monde !! dites moi qlqun va aux concerts de sunderland ou manchester ?
  19. Love the way she hugs beyonce on that pic !!
  20. Anyone interested in swapping one standing ticket of june 9th with one of this concert ?
  21. Hey i want to swap my june 9th ticket with a ticket for june 10th is anyone interested ? It's a standing ticket
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