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  1. What a nice thing to wake up to : Amsterdam played last night !! You guys are lucky :)
  2. an entire tour as an assistant to the band or working at the bakery
  3. Abt him getting laid for the first time (Actually that might be true : When you try your best but don't succeed.... pervy thoughts i'm sorry :P ) Where did they shoot the Paradise video ?
  4. guitar lessons from Jonny or Piano lessons from Chris (Woow piano lessons with chris would my dream come true)
  5. Well it was the last actual real hug that I had :D WWTLTY hurt someone else?
  6. okay movies or tv shows ?
  7. How on earth am I going to find a nice roommate this year ....
  8. Haha actually two months ago and it was Chris, I'm not even joking :D WWTLTY you went to the beach ?
  9. I didn't know about that !! That is really CUTE !!
  10. Whaaaat he was stalking you here ???? What he was jealous of what posted on chris thread ? :P (sorry if u dont want to talk abt it )
  11. Hahaha I got 99 problems but that ain't one :D U could go on his computer and check if he had already been on this website ...
  12. Haha me too i love this thread, even if dont post very often i am always reading it fangirling it just makes me happy !! And you girls are veeeery funny :D
  13. I totally understand what you mean, it does happen to me as well, but what I do is I just stop listening to their songs for a while like a week or two and then when i put them back on the magic is back like you said .... I dont know if you've already been in arelationship but it's kind of the same sometimes you fell out of love there is *short* break and it's back on all over again ... Ooor u could just do that .... What an AMAZING performance it gives goosbumps everytime i listen to it just woow
  14. Well well I think this thread should be moved to the lounge under the name : "How relevant does my point of view has to be before I could make a thread out of it" ... I'm sure that i would be the longest thread title but at least it could spare us few arguments about useless threads ...
  15. He was cute on that show I cant rember tho he won a brit for which category ?
  16. I used to like his songs then the day i noticed that he mentions coldplay in one of his songs i just went crazy for him !! He is really great :)
  17. Haha just in case u guys cook somthng and need someone to taste it :D
  18. I just love to eat and hate cooking ...
  19. Starbuck 7/10 First time I've ever watched a canadian movie, and it was good very funny actually
  20. Hey again all you have to know is that Jonny loves Chris and Chris loves Jonny it's called Buckin love ( http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3892 ) Jonny loves cake Guy just doesn't really care he is just handsome And will, well Will is just Will you know I am kidding there is a lot to know about them but first of all just in case you don't already know they are sooo talented, gifted and just AWESOMELY nice :)
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