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  1. My Initial Thoughts On first listen, I felt that this was the first time Coldplay had disappointed me, and proved that it is indeed possible for Coldplay to fall into the trap of many modern artists, and sell out their great sound in the name of producing something super upbeat that everyone can listen to - or, the dreadful word we seem to hate so much - "pop". For my expectations of Coldplay, I was prepared to give the album a 6.5/10. Now I'm not saying that I hated the album on the first listen, because in all honestly I love everything Coldplay produces, but I did feel like this may quickl
  2. I have been listening to the new U2 album that was given for free on iTunes following Apple's iPhone 6 launch and noticed something on one of the songs. I know that Chris definitely had some input into the production of the album, as he is listed in the credits, but if you listen to the first 30 seconds of "Iris (Hold Me Close)", not only does it sound very Ghost Stories-like, but also it sounds like Chris' voice in the background. Unfortunately, I can't find any YouTube links to the song yet but it is available free on iTunes for everyone. What does everyone else think?
  3. They lost a whole lot of money from these things on the Mylo Xylotour. It didn't sound like they'd ever do them again (unfortunately) because of their high-cost. It is possible but I wouldn't count on it. The costs would have needed to go way down from new production methods.
  4. When/where can we watch the behind the scenes documentary "Coldplay: Making Ghost Stories"?? If anyone knows, please let me know!
  5. 1 - Always in My Head (both are great) 2 - Paradise (wasn't a huge fan of either but both are good) 3 - Ink 4 - Us Against The World (True Love is awesome though) 5 - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (love both though) 6 - Another's Arms (not a huge fan of these two either...) 7 - Oceans 8 - Don't Let It Break Your Heart (ASFOS is great but I am a HUGE DLIBYH) 9 - O (AHHHH, you're killing me...I love em both to death)
  6. 1 - Always In My Head 2 - Cemeteries Of London 3 - Lost! 4 - 42 (This is a REALLY hard one because I really love Ink) 5 - Lovers In Japan (Another reeeeally hard one...I love them both) 6 - A Sky Full Of Stars 7 - Midnight 8 - Strawberry Swing (Oceans is great but SS is my jam) 9 - O (Wow, Jdckcom, these were pretty good matchups...LOVE DAAHF, one of my favs, but O just wows me every listen) Overall, Ghost Stories is arguably my favourite album. I do like it better than VLVADAAHF.
  7. Oceans was just played live as well and it only came to 3:20...meaning either a longer ending on the album version or another hidden track (I'm hoping for the latter!) ...SO EXCITED FOR THIS ALBUM NOW. Sound like AROBTTH with a new modern sound. I think it's the perfect blend of music for every Coldplayer :D :D :D
  8. Hey guys, does anyone notice that after track 9, there is a heart where the next track number would come, and then a line through where the name of the next song would go. I think this may suggest that it is a hidden track that is making O such a long song. Btw that second line is to separate the regular version from the deluxe edition (you can tell because the line has a different alignment). Thoughts?
  9. Because they may make another LP, or more likely, an EP before doing a tour. The Ghost Stories music isn't really fit for a stadium tour. We will definitely see some festival shows, sponsored "free concerts", and small gigs for this album though.
  10. The bottom half of the background of the album cover is also a body of water (aka "Oceans").
  11. To be fair several of the songs on Prospekt's March were just variations of Viva songs.
  12. Did the Viva tour take place after Viva was released or after Prospekt's March was released?
  13. I'm actually surprised to see such a response to this song. Personally, I fell in love with Always In My Head the first time I listed to it. One of my favourite Coldplay songs now actually. I like Another's Arms as well but not nearly as much.
  14. To me Magic sounds like a mix between Parachutes and MX.
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