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  1. Soz, I screwed up the quote above ^ Anyway... Wasn'tthat guy who posted a snippet few days ago that sounds like GS version but with female voice? I tried contacting him but looks like he vanished, Idk if we will hear the full thing now 😞 Also there's a thread dedicated for the Race afaik
  2. Parachutes: Spies AROBTTH: Clocks X&Y: tie between Talk and SoS VLV: tie between Violent Hill and LiJ MX: Major Plus GS: Always in my head AHFOD: title track EL: Arabesque
  3. To me VLV is Coldplay at their best, so we are in the same boat. But for this comparison, I will easily go with every side of VLV except for Arabesque and Trouble in Town because I find these better than Yes and 42. I love Yes but Arabesque is phenomenal, I didn't stop listening to it since the release. 42 happened to be my least fav VLV track so I will give it a go.
  4. They are very basic/extra weight. Don't have anything unique to them. I don't see how they are any different from what the band have done multiple times in their early albums. Also do any of you guys actually like Cry Cry Cry? Aside from that awful auto-tuned voice, I don't see the point of this track on the album. It's like the band forced themselves to put something that sounds out of place just for the sake of it.
  5. Clocks [Toronto 2006] (the best ending part) Speed of Sound The Hardest Part - Postcards from Far Away - LRLRLRL Viva la Vida - LRLRLRL
  6. Talk. Idk but this song has been stuck in my head for days, i think i just love it.
  7. Speed of Sound. I watched the music video on MTV once when i was like 15 without knowing them. Two super-recognizable things about it: 1. the music video itself with those dancing lights + 2. Clocks riff (they're similar after all). I couldn't forget about the music video & that catchy tone over the years, then i discovered the band in viva era thx to MTV again and become a coldplayer.
  8. I'm officially in love with this EP. I didn't like it at first (Its hard to like a thing from the first listen anyway lol) but now its probably my favorite Coldplay EP. ALIENS is a masterpiece, wasn't surprised to know that this song is from Viva era tbh.
  9. Even tho i didn't listen to LP songs in years, but they introduced me to Rock music. They were my fav band at some point before Coldplay. Chester you bastard, i won't forget your special tone.
  10. Alright so i honestly didn't have much hope for the Kaleidoscope EP after listening to both Hypnotised & All I Can Think About Is You. But this right here has changed my mind It felt weird to listen to it for the first time, but it felt like its something related to Viva (This song also reminds me alot of X&Y B-Sides) then it turns out to be made during that era (Almost freaking 10 years!!) Without a doubt, this become one of my fav coldplay songs. This atmosphere & chilling voice of Martin is what i was reeeeeeeeeeeally missing all this time :relieved:
  11. Great video Lazy lyrics and generic beat
  12. Round 1: Don't Panic vs A Head Full Of Dreams (By a long shot) Round 2: Shiver vs Birds Round 3: Spies vs Fun Round 4: Sparks vs Everglow Round 5: Yellow vs Hymn For The Weekend Round 6: Trouble vs Adventure Of Lifetime (Very close) Round 7: High Speed vs Army Of One Round 8: We Never Change vs Amazing Day Round 9: Everything's Not Lost vs Up&Up (Very close) for me : AHFOD : 6 Parachutes : 3
  13. Have you been living under a rock ? Check the forums and you will see that most of the people here love the album. Also your personal opinion is not what determine whether it's a good or bad album.
  14. Not counting the transition songs Fav : - AHFOD (#1 from the album) - AOAL - Fun Least : - X Mark The Spot (worst of all albums) - Army of one (Kinda boring and nothing special) - Amazing day (still love it)
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