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  1. The gifs are from the 'road to vegas' interview from iHeart radio: http://www.iheart.com/news/watch-coldplays-road-to-vegas-12593135/
  2. Hi, i went to the concert yesterday (and again today :) In my opinion the concert was amazing! I sat in the second ring, so i had a good view over the whole stadium, but was a little far away from the band. Tonight i'll be standing in the crowd, i think it is nicer to be in the crowd and to be more part of the party. The echo sound in the stadium, wasn't bad. But i always wear earprotection. They filtered out all the echo in the stadium and i could hear the music cristal clear. It just lowers the volume 15 -20 decibel. When i didn't wear them with the more quit songs, i could hear some strang
  3. Wow, cool this award. I thought that NME wasn't very into Coldplay anymore. But aparently even they can't deny Coldplay's greatness ;) There are still tickets available for the show!
  4. I think this is inside the Beehive actually
  5. I'm listening to the breakfast show on BBC 1 and Grimmy said that Coldplay will also be on the show this morning. Before they are in the livelounche in think.
  6. I have tickets too! Standing J. Wow i'm very excited for this. And totally exhaused from typing all the unreadable codes when i was trying to get tickets for the 23th..
  7. Does anybody know how to choose a delivery outside the uk???
  8. Outside. I can only choose between greet britain and ireland...
  9. I just uploaded the performance. The quality of the video is not so good, but its ok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmPMctgBGNM&feature=youtu.be
  10. Hi, i have recorded the performance. I'll try to upload it.
  11. Have you tried this already? http://nrjmusicawards.nrj.fr/actus/article/nrj-music-awards-2015-direct-332900
  12. Utrecht, the Netherlands My favourite song (at the moment) is: Dead and all his friends
  13. Cool. I've got Coldplay :) You got: Coldplay You’re intelligent and romantic, so you’d fit in perfectly with Coldplay! Just imagine how many fun times you can have together. Get ready for a lot of magic!
  14. Hmm, maybe. But i don't like the idea of a campaign that only asks for a quarter of the band. As if we don't care about the rest. Plus if you bargain for something it is always good to start big. Maybe you end up with only a quarter, but maybe with more :) But of course Coldplay or Chris Martin in a small venue in the Netherlands would be really cool :)
  15. But why only Chris! And not the whole band?
  16. Does anyone know what Anchorman looks like? I think it is maybe the man with the grey hair in the pictures Audrey took. Although, i always envision a much younger guy when Anchorman Tweets. But at the concert in Cologne i saw this man (or another older man with the same hair) taking a picture of all the waiting fans outside the venue. He was coming from inside the venue. And that picture was later posted by Anchorman.
  17. Hi, Does someone have the Safety EP? Can you tell if the words 'Coldplay Safety' on the disc itself are printed in bright white, or if they are more gray. I wanted to bid one that was for sale on ebay, but i wasn't sure it is a real or fake one. And not many people were bidding on it. How can you tell one is real ore fake?
  18. by the way, you can only find the coldplay munchen tickets on the german ebay site: http://www.ebay.de
  19. Good idea Stephie to post this information. This reselling for such rediculous prises makes me also angry. If they really want to return their tickets they can do that via the eventim site.. I just did "Melden" the way you described for all those tickets. I don't know if it has effect. But i think that when a lot of people report these tickets they might get removed. And these tickets are returned to eventim, so we can buy them for the normal price :)
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