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  1. Ok, just finished the 1st listening And i don't fucking know what to say.
  2. I feel like the dumb one in the classroom who never understands anything
  3. Look at the leak Look how it hides from me
  4. If they don't play Sparks i might get angry :)
  5. Just give us the f*cking record I cannot wait haha
  6. Well... A thing that could make us happy is that the political aspect of the new album could bring back Politik for the EL Tour
  7. This could be Coldplay's Abbey Road. I'm overhyped.
  8. FUCK. YES. GO ON CHRIS. FUCK THEM ALL. I'm FUCKING hyped. If the album follows the road of the 3 songs we heard + this snippet, it might become one of the best Coldplay records... Yes i need to relax. But man i thought i lost them with AHFOD...
  9. First I was not sure about this song but it changed so fast ! I was walking in the street in the middle of the day, with the sun on my face and Everyday Life in my ears... and i knew. I knew what they wanted to say. Coldplay is such an amazing soundtrack for life.
  10. For now it would be like : 1) AROBTTH 2) MX 3) Parachutes 4) VLV 5) Everyday Life 6) X&Y 7) Ghost Stories 8) AHFOD
  11. Those 3 songs made me wanna listen to 3 different albums : VLV with Arabesque, MX with Orphans and X and Y with Everyday Life. It's the first time that Coldplay releases songs with so many diverse identities. And i love it. Unlike AHFOD, it seems to have a feeling of a last album...
  12. I was really scared with all your messages but that's actually a really lovely song. Maybe we expected something more explosive and epic like Arabesque but the song actually suits the message they want to share. Need a few more listens but it's certainly better than up&up already imo
  13. Did they just tease " Broken " with the gospel choir ?? " When i'm broken and i m in need fill that ocean swallowing me "
  14. I'll just quote someone on Twitter : Coldplay rediscovering their sense of humour has almost made me happier than getting Coldplay’s 8th album
  15. Just rewatched the Live 2012 dvd to be ready for Everyday Life ... and i must say that MX tour and MX era were definitely the best to me. It may not be their best record but feels like the moment where they truly became legendary. The shows and the symbiosis between every member were at their best. Plus it reminds me a time of my life where i was allowed to be dreamy...
  16. Well guys... We'll have our answer very soon, i think it's useless to overthink. X&Y is way too long IMO and my least favourite album from them so that's not a bad thing ... On the other side, Viva la Vida lasts 45 min with 10 songs but with 3 hidden tracks so we could say 13 songs for 45 min ... Anyway we'll see.
  17. Orphans grows also in me since the release of the music video ! It's a beautiful pop song and what Coldplay should have been with AHFOD. The bass is fucking awesome !
  18. Ok guys, Now that Coldplay is releasing their 8th record, i wanted to know your Coldplay Best-Of Album with the precedent 7 studio albums. I added some rules though : - You can only choose tracks from the 7 studio albums ( Parachutes, AROBTTH, X&Y, VLV, MX, GS, AHFOD ) - You have to choose 10 songs + 1 or 2 interludes or hidden tracks. ( Parachutes, Reign of Love, Mylo Xyloto ... ) - The first song of your album must be an Opening and the last song a Closing song. You can use Opening and Closing songs in the middle of the album. ... Try to make an inventive and original album with
  19. I came up with a theory this morning ... We know Coldplay's music reflects a lot of Chris Martin's mood and we can see some obvious links between the type of music Coldplay choses to make and the private life of Chris. Let me clear my point : Ghost Stories was a direct answer to his divorce with Gwyneth Paltrow and AHFOD was the album of rebirth after his depression. I associate theses two records because there were all THERAPEUTIC which means that Chris was not completely free with his music and it was linked with some personal events he had in his life. The experimentation of Arabesque ma
  20. Linkin Park was the band who opened me to the world of Music. Chester was my idol. I'm really destroyed, A part of my life and of the lives of LP's family is gone now, and everything will be different. It's still hard to write something but i see a whole family with the same scar, the same sadness. May this sadness unite us all. Long live Music.
  21. Honestly, each song explores something different and Miracles feels like another piece of new instrumentation as Aliens was ! I love the beats, made me think of Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About at some parts ! Rapping on a Coldplay song must be really hard but i appreciate it too, it doesn't seem too poppy or radio-friendly and his flow is quite unusual ! That's a really good EP mates.
  22. Ahah me too, i mean it's an awesome song but i hope Chris kept and the band have kept such good inspiration for the next studio album ! I'm full of hope now ! ut Yeah we'll never know, maybe they created the rest way later ! But yeah you're right for MX :)
  23. That means it's a VLV B-Side ... I'm a little bit disappointed because they didn't create it in recent times and i hope they haven't lost that kind of inspiration now !
  24. This is ... different ! At least we can't say they're stuck to the same genre ... I'm sure it will grow in me, the instrumental is good and all the EP seems to be deeper, melodically and lirically speaking, than AHFOD ! Edit : Well it's definitely an awesome song. AND THOSE STRINGS AT THE END :heart:
  25. I'm really happy to hear that beautiful song just after " Something just like this ". The beginning made me think of the beginning of Daydreaming ( Radiohead ) and the whole song has a " Prospekts March " sound which is wonderful. I'm happy to hear that Chris and the band have kept such a musical identity !
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