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    True Love

    I would like a link of this song to ... In PM if possible , thanks !
  2. Well this is clearly House/Electro and in the style of Avicii songs ... We can hear sometimes Coldplay sound ( Jonny riff and Chris voice ) but in my opinion this is not enough ! However , still a very good song , with a lot of habby vibes and as i could read , this album needs this song , it's like more philosophical than it seems after all ... Try to love and be happy !
  3. Ok at this moment it would be that : 1 O Fly on , pure poetry , destroyed my heart. 2 Oceans , Parachutes son with new influences , perfect. 3 Midnight 4 Always in my Head 5 Another Arms 6 Magic 7 A sky full of stars
  4. Eskapist


    It seems to be live for a studio record , which I love ! That electronic atmosphere under the acoustic guitar makes the song a futuristic evolution of Parachutes. A mix of Careful where you stand , we never change , Spies ... Everything I love , so I cannot dislike this song !
  5. I think every member of Coldplay has an important role , but Chris brings the philosophical and spiritual aspect of the music , and those aspects seem to be more important in this record. We can see he can't create without Jonny Guy and Will contribution , and that's what we call magic.
  6. Bienvenue J-B ! Ca fait plaisir , un français en plus ! Bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux et pacifique de Coldplaying et de ses membres ! Ton tatouage est génial , l'idée m'viendra peut-être d'en faire un avec les ailes de la pochette de Ghost Stories ! Bon on a deux points communs , Coldplay et les jeux vidéo ! Tu es designer de jeux indépendants ou tu travailles dans une compagnie ? Le Canada me paraît très prometteur comme destination en effet ( j'pense à Ubisoft Montréal ou autres ? ) , c'est vraiment cool pour toi ! Bonne continuation !
  7. The 'Fly On' part is absolutely wonderful ... I have listened to it for two hours and i just can't stop , thank you Chris <3
  8. Eskapist


    Really like this Parachutes atmosphere , it's good to hear something pure , simple , calm ... I'm happy they didn't forget this aspect of their music !
  9. Careful where you stand has simple and beautiful lyrics " I am safe when I am with you And I feel warm if you want me to I am cured when I'm by your side I'm alright Careful where you stand my love Careful where you lay your head It's true we're always looking out for one another " That's what I love with Coldplay , they know how to write love ...
  10. I think the atmosphere of the new record will be closer to their first three albums , so for the setlist ... : 1 Always in my head 2 Yellow 3 Paradise 4 Magic 5 Charlie Brown 6 What if / 42 7 Ink 8 Politik 9 Talk --- B-Stage : 10 Don't Panic 11 Warning Sign 12 True Love Main Stage 13 In my place 14 Oceans 15 Viva la vida 16 The Scientist Encore : 17 'Til Kingdom come 18 Everything's not lost Encore 2 : 19 Clocks 20 Every teardrop is a waterfall 21 Fix you 22 A sky full of stars 23 Midnight ( band off ) / O
  11. Opener : Politik Closer : Amsterdam Guess what's my favourite album ahah
  12. I'm really disappointed ... But they seem to be in good terms and it is good for the children. They are two smart and good people , we can see it !
  13. 1. Violet Hill 2. Strawberry Swing 3. Postcards from far away 4. Prospekt's March / Poppyfield 5. 42
  14. High Speed A Whisper White shadows Chineses Sleep Chant Princess of China ( which is my least favorite Coldplay song too )
  15. Noticed the same thing ! With this intimist and melancholic atmosphere ... Love it !
  16. " Is there anybody out there who is lost and hurt and lonely too Are they bleeding all your colors into one? And if you come undone as if you've been run through Some catapult, it fired you, you wonder if your chance will ever come Or if you're stuck in square one "
  17. Eskapist


    I found something strange on Youtube ... If some people were in LA yesterday , is it the real song ?? [video=youtube;bSH7I6Y9m_I]
  18. Happy new year to you and to our favorite band !! :drinking:
  19. I think this song is like a mix of all the eras of Coldplay ... And it sounds great to me ! I gave 9/10 , because i found in this song the reason why i love Coldplay so much :D
  20. Again , Coldplay gave us its magical music ... Shiver down my spine ... Diffrent from MX , a little bit of VLVODAAHF's atmosphere ... Nothing else to say , just can't wait for the complete song <3
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