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  1. Just found this song on Youtube ... Don't know if it's a fake or not , but i'm pretty sure it's chris voice !
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co9v26eL_P0]Coldplay 2000 - YouTube[/ame] One of his firts interviews in 2000 , when Coldplay wasn't known yet ! That's quite strange but awesome !
  3. I WAS IN THE SAME PLACE LAST WEEK .. nothing ! :bigcry::bigcry: Congratulations !
  4. So i went to the Bakery and the Beehive this week , it was amazing to see the place where the best band in the world creates his music ... Unfortunately , it was closed and nobody was here ! However , it still awesome !
  5. Oh , okay , i didn't understand that ! Thank you for the information ! :)
  6. Thank you very much ! I think i'll go to Hampstead Heath Station , which seems to be the closest one !
  7. I'm going to London tomorrow for one week ! Do you know where is the closest Underground station of the Bakery/Beehive please ?
  8. I think that the fact of dividing people has always been one of our biggest faults :embarrassed: No matter what we think , what we are , the way we live ... We love Coldplay ! And that's what matters in this forum , isn't it ? :D
  9. Round 1 : Life In Technicolor vs. Mylo Xyloto ==> Mylo Xyloto Round 2: Lovers In Japan vs. Hurts Like Heaven ==> Hurst Like Heaven Round 3: Cemeteries Of London vs. Paradise ==> Paradise Round 4: Viollet Hill vs. Major Minus ==> Violet Hill Round 5: Viva La Vida vs. Charlie Brown ==> Viva La Vida Round 6: Strawberry Swing vs. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall ==> ETIAW Round 7: Lost! vs. Princess Of China ==> Lost! Round 8: 42 vs. Up In Flames ==> 42 Round 9: Yes vs. Us Against The World ==> Us Against The World Round 10: Reign
  10. Thank you very much for your comments :D ! I'm sure my friend will be very proud and happy ! You can subscribe to their YT channel and their fb page ! https://www.facebook.com/naeviamusic?fref=ts
  11. I only know the bassist , but i agree with you ! :D Thank you for listening to them ! Yeah it's the first time i've posted here ! Thank you for the welcome :D
  12. Eskapist

    Hello !

    Merci beaucoup ! Ahah , et c'est là qu'on bénie les logiciels de traduction ! :D
  13. Here's a song of a band of one of my friends , called Naevia Hope you enjoy :) [ame= ] [/ame]
  14. Merci beaucoup !! Thank you very much for your answer ! Waow .. It would be so awesome to see him ...
  15. Eskapist

    Hello !

    Thank you very much ! Et oh ! Une française *o* ! Merci beaucoup , j'me sens moins seul :D
  16. Hey ! Next week i'll be in London , and i'll go the Bakery and the Beehive to maybe have a chance to meet one of the members ! :D So .. If someone lives in London , does he know if they are here , please ? :) Thank you !
  17. Eskapist

    Hello !

    Thank you very much !! :D Yu-Tong : Your skills in english are good too ! :)
  18. Eskapist

    Hello !

    Hello everybody ! My name is Alexandre , i'm 19 and i'm french ! ( so sorry for my bad english ! ) I've been a Coldplay fan for two years and i decided to suscribe to this forum because it seems that it is the best and the most well-known forum of this band ! I'm also subscribed to the French forum of Coldplay ! My favorite album is Parachutes ( AROBTTH is the second one ) , and my favorite member is Chris Martin :D I hope i'll have a good time here :lol: PS : It will also force me to write in english , which is a good thing for my exams ! Ahah !
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