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  1. To be at the very front you'd need to get there around 6-9am? If you just want to be in the first few rows then queueing before lunch would be recommended. Are there early entry tickets for Wembley? Those people would already take up the popular spots e.g. front row along the catwalk. I think queueing will be most competitive for the first show but by the last one you can probably rock up a 2-3 hours later than the times mentioned above and you'd still secure a really good spot.
  2. http://parsikhabar.net/music/coldplay-beyonce-and-the-parsi-connection-soraabb-kumana/12433/
  3. I want to love this song but the ending ruins it for me. I like everything else about it though. The transition from Birds to Hymn For The Weekend is fab.
  4. MinceSpies


    I noticed at the end of the handwritten lyrics it says "for Habib and Mahrdad". Who are they?
  5. I still adore AOAL but I'm not loving the video. It does have some funny moments though.
  6. HFTW > POC. I like the song and I think it will be successful as a single.
  7. I'm not exactly cheering about the product placement but it's not the end of the world either. There are more important things to focus on like a brand new era, new album and the world tour.
  8. This moment from the TIDAL gig <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CUZO4RMUEAA7k8E.jpg">
  9. So it's still on? It's kind of strange how it's not really being promoted anymore. I thought perhaps they decided to delay it until after the TIDAL gig since that's when they were planning to premiere some new songs.
  10. Chris has really turned over a new leaf and seems genuinely happy with his life. I'm half expecting AHFOD to be filled with happy sappy songs with cheesy lyrics but I will probably end up loving it anyway. What's important is they are making music they enjoy and are proud of instead of the music Oldplayers are expecting from them. Even though I prefer their "older" sound there are still many tracks on MX and GS that I enjoy. You don't need to love every song to be a fan.
  11. Interesting. Does that mean people have the album already or did they just get to listen to new songs? For some reason it wouldn't let me embed but here is the tweet https://twitter.com/danaebrielle/status/666472021665026049 [ATTACH=CONFIG]32941[/ATTACH]
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