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  1. Ah, sorry, didn't know you were preventing yourself from hearing the songs. Well, prepare to be drowned in a bIIIG sea of cheese ! (there, I said it, y'can all hit me now)
  2. nnnnnononononono Batman. you sTAY hERE. ... And now tell us what you think about that new Coldplay song... :sneaky:
  3. Dude, don't ever go to Arcade Fire's or Muse's official board then x) Coldplaying is one of the the nicest and the kindest messageboard i've seen for a while.
  4. WHAT.THE.ACTUAL.FUCK.IS.THIS.SONG ??? Why do I hate it ? 1 : it's based on the same 4 chords than Up&Up and also every freakin pop song from the last 30 years. If all the album is based on these freakin chords I'm gonna die. Litterally. On the floor. Heart attack. How come the members from Coldplay, who KNOW about music/chords etc because they're GOOD musicians, manage to do this poor trick again and again ? 2 : It's just boring because it's a piano/voice based track : sometimes it's beautiful 'cause the song is good. Sometimes it's not coz the song is not. And what Jonny does her
  5. I'm really excited for Birds it's by far the best snippet imo
  6. love this !! jonny is amazing here :D well this album might not be so bad after all..
  7. manmanmanman holy fuck .... BIRDS !!! Here We Go Magic just drools all over da place in this track. But it's a gooooooood thing !!! Finally a song without ooooh aaaaah cheese and stuff. And more importantly (what seems to be) an INSPIRED song. HFTW and AHFOD seem very very bland but I'll wait the full songs before misjudging them. But this "Birds" groove sounds just awesome !! Can't wait for this one
  8. Man Amazing Day sounds so much like A Whisper I'm so freakin excited
  9. Hey amis français ! ĂȘtes vous en train de regarder/Ă©couter la radio pirate de Christine & The Queens ? ça s'appelle goodmorningparis, c'est une rĂ©action musicale aux attentats, et c'est assez Ă©mouvant, il y a Nekfeu, Joseph Mount (Metronomy), Orelsan, The Do, Inna Modja... tous autour de bonne musique :D voilĂ  le stream si jamais : http://www.goodmorningparis.tv/ La bise Ă  tous !
  10. Any french fans here ? WTF is this ? Juste 1 date in Nice when UK have 4 dates and Germany 3 ? No Stade de France or any date in Paris/North of France ? is this because of the recent events ? Can't believe it !
  11. this version of Amazing Day is not as awful as the other one, and Chris' vocal delivery is really good here. I might maybe maybe maybe maybe listen to it with some weird little kind of pleasure someday. But wtf happened to ASFOS ?? It just sounds like a rock song now and it sounds GOOD :o I'm so surprised. Why the fuck didn't they release the full band version ?? It's just beautiful when the guitar and the good ol' acoustic drums are on the forefront. Coldplay you should trust the amazing musicians you already are, not all the other ones you'll never be.
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