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Ok this a long shot....


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But does any British person with who has seen the Ch.4/E4 advert for a new American programme called 'One Tree Hill' know what the music is in the background of the ad?


It's really well known and I love it but I can't for the life of me remember who it's by and what it's called :dizzy2:

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No I don't think that's it.


I don't mean the theme music.


I mean the music from the British advert for the show and since neither you are British I doubt you've heard it. :/


It's by a band, I think :thinking:


Thanks for trying though...and I'll download that song you posted just to see if it's any good :idea2: :D

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:embarrased: Oh no! I've been defeated by the four ears again! I'll never amount to anything! :cry: *sobs dramatically in the corner*


ok I seriously don't know what's wrong with me so I apologise for these little outbursts :lol: :lol: :dizzy2:

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