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UK military: iPod is security risk


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The fear is that the gadgets can be used to siphon information from a computer, turning a seemingly innocuous device into a handy tool for data thieves.


"With USB devices, if you plug it straight into the computer you can bypass passwords and get right on the system," RAF Wing Commander Peter D'Ardenne told Reuters





:stunned: :o

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i don't want internet downloading to start...(says me)... :sneaky: :dozey:

I don't like the thought of music as data...i like cds, and booklets, and special editions, and vinyls etc... Even though i have a hefty jail sentence amount of mp3s on my computer, i still always buy the cds of the bands i would have without the internet, plus, i buy more by artists i'd never have heard of..

the thing after iPods are 1cm squared cubes of data, that can fit a gigabyte of information on...and by the time they come out, they'll probably be able to hold a lot more. Technology Eh :disguise:

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