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Ok, maybe sound really stupid but it isn't. I'd like to know u all better, hehe and I think we all have to start with small things like ur favorite ice cream flavor or ur favorite sport or activity... anyway, u can say whatever u like or what u think here. It's ok... Right now I'm in vacations :P :rolleyes: I like to read, play chess, tennis and soccer.

Eum... and my favorite one is Vanilla!!




"Oh sweet Marianne, you're the only one I've ever loved and I swear it on, swear it on the moon and stars above..." :wink3:

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I know....... who the fu** did that???.............................................
















































































:smug: upps!

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Ok, I'm gonna leave this thread and not destroy it anymore...


My fave ice cream flavour is chocolate, but I always add yoghourt ice cream, or stracciatella, or hazelnut... oooh and I'll taste that cheesecake flavour, mmmmmhhh



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You can't do it Noni!!!!!!


I can't do it? Ooooh, thanks for the confidence... *is ironic*









Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... I was joking... :lol: :lol: :lol:


Yeah, you better take all the ice-cream for you! :smug:

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