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Manhunt game withdrawn by stores


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this is silly


if violent computer games encourage people to kill, then by the same logic that means that movies which are much more violent (e.g. any Tarantino flick) should have the same effect... which we all know they don't.


if a 17 year old gets the idea that killing is okay from playing a computer game, then he must be seriously mentally handicapped. besides, it's illegal for him to play the game anyway since it's an 18 certificate. They can't place the blame on the developers because the game was never intended to be played by people of that age.


silly silly silly.

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Didn't they ever think that maybe this kid was obsessed with the game in the first place was because he was a homicidal psycho? I don't think violent games make kids violent, I think violent games attract already violent kids.

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The fact that they are using the excuse that the kid was OFFICIALLY a minor and the game was intended for over 18s is pure bullshit. The guy was almost 18, whats 12 months difference? Its not as if on his 18th birthday he woulda STOPPED being a homocidal maniac.


Either hes a mental defect or his parents didnt raise him properly. Dont blame it all on one wicked, sweet game.

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