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She is very conspicuous in her abscence. I actually miss having her around.


I understood that! After 10 minutes (first time I read it) I understood!


I would have to thanks this... well, trhanks, I don't know why though.....( I do, but that nevermind!)


ah, I was away on holidays.........If you wondered why I wasn't here (thought I would leave? :lol: ) and well, I went to a little town, located in the X region of my country and I went skiing there (my avatar is a picture I was oblied to take from the window of my aparment, our apartment) and well....... the town is called Pucón and.......... thats about it! :D


and well....... My father gave me a digital camera :D so, here yu have the first and only picture of me :lol: :embarrased:

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Carla!.... :stunned: ...no eres como te habia imaginado... estas mas bonita!... :smug: ...ya regresaste de tus vacaciones?!?!?!?...y x q ya no posteas como antes!?...ahora en que estas ocupada!?...y tu hermano chuckie?...como esta?....son muchas preguntas!... :P ...pero pues ya no se nada de ti! :cry: ...estas igual que un amigo ^ que no quiero ni mencionar! :dozey: ...:P

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