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I really admire Hicksy because he sort of... doesn't care what they say.... no, bad explained! It's like well, like If he was never here, but he is.... uh, bad explained again! Like he doesn't care making the fool of himself, but then he really doesn't...... a.k.a, like If he didn't knew what he is doing, but he does know........... can't make it any clearer!


And Ian because of his patience and Tom Peed cause of his use of language and smartass actitude, which is not really like it "sounds"....... (I never said I was good at explaining!)


I was just reading 1948 from George Orwell, and that came to my mind...... and well, I should learn from Hicksy! :lol:


ah, also Doogie, which uh, I don't know how he is called and exaclty why......... aprt from the fact that he looks like a bear, according to me, and bears are good by nature and ..... well, I guess cause I get the impression he's like..... uh, educated :idea2:


I wish I had a little of what I mentioned! (don't ask em to explain it, cause I can't!)

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