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Mimi, post something


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i haven't posted something in the longest of times.......hahahah what an appropriate thread! hahahaha,

killing yourself probs isn't the best thing to do. you can't make fun of people when you're dead.


i totally agree!!! :D

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Sorry Thom I keep walking away from the computer and not closing my browser. :embarrased:


However now I have returned and have seen the picture and am greatly impressed. :D :lol: :wink3:


In fact I am currently printing it out sticking it on my ceiling so I can see him whenever I use my bed :sneaky:

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Just thought i'd bump this lovely thread.




Btw, mimi, you're from england, right? So, did you go to glasto festival this year?

Cos i was watching some glasto vids a few mins ago and I remembered that you're from england, so maybe you were there

Stupid question, i know, but i forgot to ask you that

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