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Kings of Convenience

staring elf

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Ah yes!! Kings Of Convenience are often played by me, when i'm in the mood. i have three albums by then, which includes a remix album. They also covered Drop by Cornelius, which is one of my favourite things by them. Toxic Girl is excellent, i think i prefer their first album, but i've not really listened to the latest album, as i've not been in the mood for it since getting it. :)

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Kings of Convenience and Mr. Oye Fans!!!


I´ve seen that some of you listen the music of the Kings of Convenience and Mr. Erlend Oye... I´m a big fan of them since I listened "Quiet is the new load" a long time ago... My favorite song right now is "Stay out of trouble" but I must confess I listen them day and night... :) :smug:



Mexico, see you soon: Zu

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ha,ha.. sorry!!! I always finish my post with mexico (some thing) and Zu... but

Nooo, they will not coming to mexico... :cry: I was wishing to see them in some of the concerts on USA or Canada, but I´m poor!!!!


where do yo live?


Mexico rather dance with you: Zu

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they're so good. i think there already was a thread for them though but oh well. i looked for the tour dates from the official site some time ago to see if they were coming to finland but i guess they aren't, at least in the next few months. i suppose they're doing a USA/Canada round atm? :confused:

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