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Chris on Oprah?


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Oprah: What's it like when you see Apple with her daddy?


Gwyneth: Oh, man. I just die. They are so in love with each other. And now she's three months so she's really come into herself…She's very tranquil, she's very placid and very aware…She's very curious. When her daddy walks in the room…he'll say, "Hello girls!" and her little head's…trying to find his voice. It's pretty sweet.




It's Apple's very own book club—a collection of 100 of Oprah's favorite children's books! Each book was stamped with an "Apple's Book Club" sticker.

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Lots...they talked about Chris lots, and had lotsa poparazzi pictures of him, one sitting on the steps of his place playing the guitar.


She talked about how wonderful he is, blah blah blah. And i guess they showed an earlier interveiw of Gwyns mom that gwyn didnt know about, and she commented on him being " a very sweet, energetic man who really takes care of gwyn and cares"

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Oh, dammit, I'm gunna go to Oprah.com and get a transcipt for that show!


Did Gwyn do the whole of the Nappies or only the first part? Omg this is so great, obviously their marriage isn't going to go the way any of Jennifer Lopez's have...

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Guest LiquidSky
okay' date=' if any of yall missed this you SUCK BECAUSE ITS THE BEST> :lol:[/quote']


Damn it Lauren! I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :stunned: :angry: :stunned:


Did you tape it?



please say yes... ohh I just read above you didn't...but why didn't you if it was great? :huh:

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