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Ice Hockey World Cup 2004


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There's an Ice Hockey World Cup? :stunned:


there is, there is! :stunned: here it's a huuuge thing. though i think people appreciate more the World Championships but if we'll do good in Ice Hockey World Cup, it's okay to me cos we haven't won the world championships ... then 1995. :sneaky: :D

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*waves canada flag*




Forsberg? Peter Forsberg??? From Colorado Avalanche????



yup! THE Peter Forsberg :blush: :D


finns are playing against swedes in saturday in Helsinki but me-the-dumbass forgot to buy tickets! :bigcry:


i would have seen Forsberg and Sundin and all the other super-cutie guys. :angry: :dozey:

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umm i think the finale is september 14th or such..? i might be wrong though. ;)


Sweden is doing fine too. Go my Forsberg. Go my Sundin. Go my Jönsson :blush: but i'm still on finns side til the bloody death match :devilish: :laugh1:


uhh.. no, i don't take ice hockey too seriously :rolleyes: :lol:

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