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The MY BAND thread

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...if you have an own band, introduce it here. What kind of music do you play, what songs have you covered or written yourselves, have you had some gigs....


well, mine has no name yet, it exists for 1 months now. I'm singer, pianist & when I got better guitarist. So far we've covered:

*Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

*Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

*No Doubt - Don't Speak

*Evanescence - My Immortal

*Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away

and we've started with our two own songs.

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I'm in a band called 'Goodge Street', named after a place in London near Oxford Street. I sing and play guitar.


here's a picture of the sleeve from a CD we recently recorded. click


I would post a link to our recordings, but I'd have to convert the CD tracks to MP3's and then upload them, which is too much effort. :P


We sound like Oasis and BRMC. We used to play just covers, but now we write our own stuff as well - I'm one of two songwriters in the band.


Some of the songs we've covered:

* The Strokes - Reptilia, The Modern Age, Someday, Barely Legal

* Radiohead - Creep

* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Whatever Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll?

* Oasis - Supersonic

* The Datsuns - Harmonic Generator


We haven't actually played a proper gig in some time (a year ago). Everyone's at uni now, so it's a little harder to get things organised.

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Theresa and Skinned Alive: I love hearing covers' date=' can you please post some of your band's stuff?:D[/quote']


My recordings are all on my PC at uni, and I'm at home at the moment so I can't get to them right now. I go back tomorrow afternoon, so I'll see what I can do then.


Patience is a virtue... :)

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I bet ryan's band is great, i can't wait to hear their stuff


And oh yea, back to the topic

I'm in 3 bands right now, and let me tell you, two of em suck.

Let's start with the band i hate the most:

My metal band. We play metallica (i hate em), iron maiden (i hate em too), and black sabbath (i hate em so much), but at least they take music seriously, which is good, since we go to a studio every saturday to practice, and that's kinda intense. But i think i'll leave this band cos i don't like the music we play. meh.


My second band plays blues and jazz, and it's an okay band. We've played one gig so far and it was decent, we practice every friday for 3 hours and we're going to play another gig in 2 months, and something tells me it's going to be good.


My third band started one week ago, and it's a power trio (muse style) and the guy who plays the guitar on my metal band is going to play the drums (he's a really good friend and a decent drummer) and i've made him like the strokes and franz ferdinand, and our vocalist/guitarist likes em too, so we've named the band "last nite" and we're going to cover the strokes (obviously), franz ferdinand, interpol, kings of leon, etc.

If everything goes as planned, i'm gunna love this band.

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Well, I've been trying to upload some of my songs, but it's not working because the network I'm connected through has a pretty strict firewall on it :angry:.


But I have a cover I did ages ago of Myxomatosis by Radiohead on my webspace. This isn't by my band, this is just me, but it's better than nothing.




I'll upload my band's stuff when I can find a way to do it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

At last, I've now managed to upload my songs to a SoundClick account. :)


go here:




and click "play hi-fi" or "play lo-fi". Or you can click "MP3" for a download. But you can only play the lo-fi one for the moment, because it takes a little while for the hi-fi version to "clear" :angry:


I've got two songs there at the moment:


Calm Down

written by me, with me singing. This is probably my best song, and it sounds like The Stone Roses or something.


You're Not Alone

written by our other singer, with him singing. It's a slow acoustic track.



Let me know what you think

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