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woah.. does this sound like a harder version of Coldplay?


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^^ you have adware problems


Also...i think that should be a rule for these threads...be 100% Blunt. i wouldn't mind (as much) if new good bands, came on and said something like "Hey, we're a new band, and we're just trying to make our name known to as many people as possible...here's a link to our music...please give feedback."

rather than..." :laugh2: hello. yes. i have found a band that sounds like Coldplay..maybe you'll like them"

:dunce2: "Check out this NEW COOL band...i have nothing to do with the band, but i felt the need to sign up to this board, and post about them, to people i don't know or care about, and then Leave. :bucktooth: taraa.

:rolleyes: LOOK, LISTEN & LEARN you people :rolleyes:

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