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So what did you do this halloween?


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well kiddies rang my doorbell and I handed out voting ballots




Im suprised you didnt hand them vote Kerry badges

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hmm, since it is the authentic *Hallo Wind* review thread, so I wrote it again.. :lol:


Friday night, I hanged out with best friends here, ate out and dance in a club....well, I like dancing, but don't like some people there...and I don't like strong cigarette/CO2 smell either and the music is little DULL......I am dreaming of dancing by Beatles/the Who stuff.... :blush: :idea2: but in all it was wonderful :)


Saturday night, I joined a *Hallowind* constume party, danced again ;) with 200 people...it is called square dance which is a original American Folk stuff. It is so fun, you got diffe. partners always, and turn/slide...


After that, we hanged out at Starbucks talking music we love...Beatles, Led Zeppline....till midnight :) :cool:


Yeah, it is so productive, and I haven't had such a wonderful night for ages...which made me sad, :cry: well, happy tears.. hehe

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alone in the dark :lol:


tell him, don't forget a flashlight, you might run into Dick Cheney :lol:


Could be worse, you could run into Terry Venables


"you gotta pick a pocket or two"

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