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What 'celebrity' do YOU look like???


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Everytime I try to describe someone I know to one of my friends in Miami... they ask me to compare them to a 'celebrity' we may know in terms of looks... does anyone else practice this method of describing others when it comes to looks??



Personally.. I find it difficult to put a 'famous' face to someone I know especially if they dont resemble a 'celebrity'! :laugh3:But I thought I'd ask anyways.. feel free to post a piccie of yourself and the celebrity you think or have been told.. you look like the most.. :)


I dont think I look like anyone famous.. but I have been told that I laugh like Jennifer Lopez (J-Ho) so I'm not going to post a piccie.. besides.. you've seen my piccie.. judge for yourselves! :P



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My friends think I look a lot like Brian Wilson when he was in his 20's... I tend to agree. There a couple photos in particular where the resemblance is uncanny... but I can't find those photos, of him or me. :rolleyes:


don't click if you don't want to know what I look like. :P (my hair is a lot shorter now)





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when i was younger (7 years old) my family said me i look like a girl on a popular tv advert and that made me angry. anyways i looked like her. now no one said me if i look like a celebrity. but usually my mates and teachers ask me if i have a brother or a sister in X class at high school :stunned: :lol: :lol: i dont find anyone there that looks like me.

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apparently i look like that girl who's in 6 feet under, or so i've been told by numerous people, but i'm not convinced


hmmm..if you look like what I think you look like (i only saw your picture a long time ago, so i might be mistaking you for someone else on this board) then they're right. I can see it. :)

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