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I know I have asked this like 400 times


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but I need to raise US$19.000 for my schooling and I have no idea how. I have exactly a year and If I don't, it'll be my parents sucess (because they don't what me to go to Swaziland) and I'll have to go either to Britain or Italy, so... any ideas?

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lol $19,000 is a big ask for a year, I'm just about on $19,000 in the UK doing full time work and I'm 27...your age and living in Chile...sadly prostitution is your only answer i think, or to rob a bank. :cry:


I doubt you'd get any form of loan from a bank at your age without some collateral

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ah! I am not liking your solutions! :lol: but thanks anyway :P


the problem is he doesn't want me to go there, to that place, he'll pay the same amount in Italy, Wales, Sweden or Canada but not in Swaziland (don't ask me why, because I don't even know the reason)


guess I'll have to use my ever-lasting charm :lol:

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