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Coldplaying.com set up a series of polls where you can vote for some of the top 50 artists in music history. Three artists from each decade from the last 50 years have been voted by you, visitors to coldplaying.com.


The 3 top artists in each decade won through to the final to find the top 3 artists joining the founding members, U2, Madonna, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Bob Marley.


You do not have to be registered to cast your vote - its open to everyone. Simply choose the artist you want to vote for and make your choice.


Discuss your voting below. So, who is your choice for fame?

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I choose Radiohead...


They have definitely changed the sound of music and are genuinely in a class of their own. You'll never hear a radiohead album that 'sounds' familiar. They always come thru with a 'new' sound.. and Thom Yorke's writing is incredible. His words are like painted passages thru some melancholy dream. I love'em!


So, yeah.. thats why I voted Radiohead.. :cool:

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After Beatles, i think Stones influenced a looot of bands, most of them included in this list... so, my vote is to Rolling Stones.


but....................joy division, radiohead, nirvana and REM deserve my respect forever too. acctually, i like most these bands than stones, but .......

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i'm not really a big stones fan but most of the bands i listen to and love today wouldnt be around now if it weren't for the rolling stones. the stones changed music forever and are the greatest rock band of alltime according to many. many people. they belong in here much more than madonna, elvis, u2, or marley

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^ mathematical genius too... :wink3:



you really are da man! :cool:


would be bad if I didn't get it right since I have a maths degree :P




awww I love how the british pluralize the word 'math'.... sounds so much more 'numerical'.. why did we ever wanted to be independant from you guys is beyond me... :embarrased: damn our forefathers..! :angry:

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