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lol *expects big monty python foot to come down*




*no maybe not*


lol...anyone heard Athlete`s new single, i lerve it not a huge fan of them but i reckon 2005 will be their year :P


Ah and a certain band called coldplay :idea2: ...Fiona do you still have your wristband on? lol i do lol


and happy new year Ari :kiss:

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:lol: :lol: you and that confetti! :lol: That had me in stitches! :lol:

Damn chris for bursting it! :lol: You'll prob have that other balloon until it's the size of an apple and then it'll smell really bad, that's how mine got and then my mam threw it out :rolleyes: :lol:

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:lol: I could only find 4 little bits of confetti after all that walking around holding my top open :rolleyes: anywho lol The Balloon is doing great i spray it every day with fabreeze lol so its ok


I had to take in my ticket and photos today to show my friends, im too scared to take them out of my bag lol :lol:


One week today till my b/day :P

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