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Your Moments of 2004


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My Personal Highlights


Going on holiday twice abroad. :smug:

Going to the V Festival.. :cool3: and seeing Muse :drummer: and Keane :heart:

Getting a new home :)

Making some new friends... :P

Going to see ian brown ( if heaven is that good its a super cool place :D )

Finding and discovering Damien Rice. !

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Moments of 2004 pt2



Best Tune(s) of 2004 :


Damien Rice - Blowers Daughter

Ian Brown - Time is my everything

Keane - Somewhere only know

Snow - Patrol Run

Peter Docherty - For Lovers.


Moments of Sadness


Spain March 11th

The fate of the Russian School Children

The - Asian Quake.


Sporting Moments.


Manchesters Citys thumping of Manchester United on March 14th

Englands Win over Croatia

Englands amazing run in world cricket.

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My Songs of 2004:

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

Coldplay - One I Love

Beatsteaks - Hand In Hand

Die Ärzte - Deine Schuld

Oasis - Wonderwall

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Reamonn - Beautiful Sky

U2 - Beautiful Day

Reverb - Smile With The Angels

Gentleman - Intoxication


My Moments:

°finding the best guys and male friends around here...Johannes & Marco

°having them as b/fs (not both at the same time :D)

°joining my band

°moments of addiction to this board

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In My Place -Coldplay

Float On- Modest Mouse

Sherry Fraser- Marcy's Playground

Somewhere Only We Know- Keane

Paper Bag- Fiona Apple

Across the Universe- Beatles

Pomp and Circumstance-Elgar



Perfume -Suskind

Wide Sargasso Sea-Rhys

Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky

Lord of the Flies- Golding

Catcher in the Rye- Salinger (methinks)



My 18th Birthday

IB exams


getting my IB diploma

winning silver garland

reconnecting with people from my past

going to university

realizations about life and people

Christmas with everyone that I love! :)

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being old enough to appreciate my life and those of the people around me.

seeing the following in concert: Busted, Travis, Keane, The Shins, The Stills, Rufus Wainwright, Josh Rouse.

having an amazing boyfriend and being with him exactly one year on jan 1st 2005-looking forward to it!

getting good exam results.

going on holiday to Aberdeen, France and Norfolk.

Little Britain!

having great friends.

making new friends.

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It's been a year of ups and downs. Definitely a long year for me


My mum became very ill in January this year

but thankfully her determination to get better shone through, and is now back to near full health :)


A close friend died in March :(


Met some wonderful people this year, and made some lovely new friends :)


Discovered great new music :)


Two uncles died :(


Two friends (a couple) got engaged after nine years together :)


Got to 'meet' lovely people here:), even though I'm not around much


Was bridesmaid for my cousin in August :)


An workmate from a previous job, came home from Spain on holiday in the summer, and got engaged to his girlfriend while they were here to be able to celebrate it with his family. :)


Saw the frames play twice this year :D

Saw Damien Rice do a guest appearance at frames gig in August :)


One cousin and one friend both had baby boys, and another cousin adopted twin girls (all in December)


Had the loveliest family christmas:)

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my moment:

by realizing (through dissapointment) that i have everything i need and therefore, everything i want and because of that, i should be completely at peace, anxiety- free, and happy.


i think i've had so many wonderful moments ...

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^ and becoming mod too


don't forget :/


be grateful :angry: :lol: :)






Deni's not the mod... I am!! :laugh3: the avi fooled you... :P



my highlights...


making thru another year, first and foremost..

discovering a few new great bands..

seeing Muse live for the 1st time AND meeting them! :D

oh and last but not least... My latest xmas gift... my laptop! :wink3:


oh.. and some interesting points my psychic friend told me... :sneaky:

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