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Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 9/10

Another great Wes Anderson movie. Brillant, funny, cool, I really liked Willem Dafoe's performance. The soundtrack was great, mainly consisting of David Bowie covers in Portugese. I loved the animated fishlife as well.

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:huh: How did I miss this thread?!


I saw this in March when it came out in the UK ( I think it was March anyway...)


It's FANTASTIC!! :o Bill Murray is one of my favourite and one of the best actors... I laughed so hard when he was dancing to the tape player wearing his wetsuit :laugh3: *bop bop bop*


The only problem I had with this movie was Cate Blanchett - I hate the whole fake British accent thing she attempts (badly). It was the same in The Aviator :rolleyes: But she grew on me in Life Aquatic :dozey:


10/10 for this movie :D

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:surprised: I will definitely be buying it when it comes out here!


I loved the soundtrack too :cool: Bowie was totally the right choice for this film. It was so surrreal in the little tank at the end when they were all sitting there.. waiting! That scene gave me goosebumps :curtain:

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whoo go team zissou!! static.gif hmm ok enough of that. but anyways yes another great wes anderson movie i must say, and give props. and yes the movie was spectacular as usual in his movies, seu jorge was fantastic covering bowie, i most definitely have this soundtrack. and love the ping island lighting strike rescue theme :P

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