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The Donnas

Sweet One

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This band fucking suck.


Theres my humble opinion Laura :)


Haha no but they do, women or not. Women can be sexist about themselves when it comes to rock music, the Donnas being a prime example of this.


"We can rock just as well as the guys can!"


Why shouldnt you be able to? You arent retarded or defected. Well, you are, but in a literal sense, not so much.


The drummer is so pretty. Other than that sexist comment, they play the most bland music, I think the Donnas single handedly brought music BACK, a step.


No thats a bit overboard. There are plenty of bands with guys in them that suck just as much. But so far, I dont really know of any girl band that kicks ass in my opinions (The japanese 5,6,7,8's are cool though, Tokyo Mew Mew too). But there are a lot less women trying, plenty of guys are picking up guitars and thats why most bands are male dominated, its like wondering why UAE won less Gold Medals then China.


Happy Laura? :kiss:

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