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songs you WISH coldplay would sing


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lately i've been listening to a lot of jeff buckly (r.i.p. of course!) and i just wish that coldplay would do a cover of "last goodbye". it's a terrific track!


what about you guys? any songs you wish coldplay had done or would cover?

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Hmmmmm..... I think Chris Martin could do some cool Nick Drake covers.

Or how about The Beatles' With a Little Help from My friends.....??????


I hate when people cover good Beatles songs.. but I think Coldplay could pull it off.

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i've just been laughing with that crazy covers of nelly and aqua. lol


i'm a barbie girl

in a barbie world...



Seriously, i would like them to do , may be, ben harper- excuse mr. , its just so good... or they could do sexual healing that would be funny (i think)

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I swa that Barbie Girl cover!! ROFL it was great :D :D :D It could be cool with a Björk song... maybe Isobel or Venus as a boy, but that's probably to... i dunno i think she got some special instruments :shrug:

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I wish coldplay would perform two of their own songs such as Brothers and Sisters and Such a Rush, I think one of the best collaborations they had was with Ms Dynamite doing ms dynamitee.

That would be funny if they did some weezer songs.

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