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i just want to stay home


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you know these days when all you want to do is sit home doing nothing or watch tv or revise or whatever really but just stay home and relax...?


well i have such a day today woke up with the knowledge that i will stay home and do all the stuff i couldn't do within the week plus i wanted to finish my coursework today. BUT then a friend of mine called and tells me that i have an important meeting with the people i will soon work with at the student union. i sooo don't want to go there...i am just not in the mood at all.



*sighs again*

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I felt the same way today.... I should have taken my xmas down... cleaned and lounge all day.. twas my plan.. then mom called.. asked me if I wanted to buy a new car... her treat. :idea2: how could I say no... now I am home.. dead tired.. but yet, I still have all this crap to do... but, I dont want to do any of it..



I think I've just rambled.. sorry. Carry on... :embarrased:

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well went out met these people had some fun got drunk and came home late...what a typical evening and today is the typical sunday after a night out ....i can't be arsed doing anything right now.... :/


i have to finish this stupid coursework tho...*sighs*



okay okay i shut up now...i am soo good at complaining these days... :rolleyes:

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