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Where do you get your news?

Sweet One

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depends but most of them via internet:

google news (spanish and english versions)

yahoo news (spanish and english versions).

About national politic:



about music:

nme, mtv, zona musical, muzikalia.

about cinema:



onda regional de murcia (a regional radio), cope.

and tv news.


Seems too many but well is better get two versions than only one.



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when my old radio works, through the BBC (I usually get to hear all programs, except the news)


If not, I read the news at http://www.bbcnews.com and when I used to have television, I watched them at BBC World News and I get The Guardian once a week, Le Monde Diplomatiqué once a month and El Mercurio (National newspaper) every day. And on the weekends I get 2 more newspapers (when you haven't got tv and have 2 parents talking to you about politics and economics 50% of the time, you must be informed all the time :dozey: )

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