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How to give him the brush-off


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Sorry if the translation is not ok, but someone sent it to me and I think it's fun...







Him: Can I invite you to a drink?

Her: Thanks, but I prefer you give me the money


Him: Do you mind if I smoke?

Her: I wouldn’t mind if you were burning yourself


Him: I’m a photographer and I’m looking for a face like yours

Her: I’m a plastic surgeon and I’m looking for a face like yours


Him: Didn’t we have a date? Or even two?

Her: It must be just one, I never repeat my mistakes


Him: How can you be so beautiful?

Her: They gave me what was entitled to you


Him: I think I could make you so happy...

Her: How? Are you gonna go?


Him: What would you say if I ask you to marry me?

Her: Nothing, I can talk and laugh at the same time


Him: Do you fancy to see a good movie?

Her: I’ve seen it already


Him: Where have you been all my life?

Her: Trying to hide from you


Him: Is this seat free?

Her: Yes, and mine too if you sit here


Him: Your body is like a temple

Her: There’s no mass today


Him: If I could see you naked I’d die happy

Her: If I could see you naked I think I’d die about laughing




Take note, girls... :cool:

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Top Stuff.


This girl I work with was asked out by our old security guard. He was like: "You want to get a drink?" She replied "I don't drink".


Undeterred he said "Okay then let's just get food, I'll take you to dinner" to which she replied "I don't eat"



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