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Sounds like a little girl was attracted to him because he was famous' date=' and nothing more.[/quote']That's what I thought too when I read it. Good thing Chris didn't want her after he got famous.


I'd do the same thing in regards to some guys I know. :D

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Sounds like a little girl was attracted to him because he was famous' date=' and nothing more.[/quote']That's what I thought too when I read it. Good thing Chris didn't want her after he got famous.


I'd do the same thing in regards to some guys I know. :D


i agree it .. :smug:

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When I first read this story, I was shocked that Chris would actually go out with a shallow tart like this Emma. What was he thinking?! I was a bit dissapointed, but then I realised that he made a great move by phoning her up the next day and dumping her like that. The man did the right thing, and I was so glad he isn't the kinda guy who takes advantage of women, know what I mean? Everyone makes mistakes, Chris quickly realised he made his, and apologised. What a sweetheart.

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  • 9 years later...

This thread has drowned almost a decade! Since I am coincidentally looking for an article about Chris Martin attending at UCL, I stumbled upon this reading:




The secret life of Chris Martin




Gawky student? Global saviour? Hollywood-dating hunk? Coldplay singer


Sunday 16 November 2003

The Observer


Spilling beansAs a student, Chris ate baked beans. Now he backs the Fair Trade campaign, writing slogans on his hand to draw attention to poor farmers of coffee beans.

The hard facts

Eldest son of an accountant, Chris goes to Sherbourne school, then takes a first in Ancient World Studies from University College London.

Meanwhile, Chris meets three like-minded chaps at freshers' week and they form a rock band together - called Starfish.

Re-named Colplay, the band sign to Parlophone in 1999; the next year, Chris's braces at last come off

Get the look

Good for running away - helpful if you are Chris, who dared to smash the windscreen of a photographer's car in Australia earlier this year

The other half

Chris and the real love of his life Gwyneth Paltrow started dating in 2002, denying marriage rumours ever since. Friends say she's 'girly and giggly' with him. Asked to identify some Coldplay lyrics, she said they were written 'by the greatest poet that ever lived.'

The other contenders

Nelly Furtado (but despite rumours, they just played at the same Glastonbury); Natalia Imbruglia (warmer - said to have left her boyfriend for him); Rachel Weisz (hot - Chris told an interviewer he really fancied her!)

The first love

Emma Holland said Chris was 'clueless' when they went out at university. She changed her mind when he became an international pop star. 'Fame had made him into just the man I was attracted to', she sniffed in vain.

We love him


The U2 frontman hails Chris as his successor in the global fight for fairer treatment for apples, too. 'As regards shaking politicians' hands, shaking the tree or, in fact, climbing the tree and pulling the fucking apples off with my bare hands if I have to, that's me. Chris Martin is very good at that, he's a fan of U2 but he's taken on the Fair Trade thing.'


The R'n'B singer has written a song called Coldplay , which includes the lyrics, 'sittin' at home on a cold day... think I wanna hear some Coldplay'.


'Yeah he's great! I think he's incredibly talented'.

Justin Timberlake

'I would love to do a duet with Chris Martin someday.', Meanwhile, Chris covered Justin's 'Like I love You' in concert.

P Diddy

'The whole melancholy, emotional vibe of Parachutes... It's unmanlike, it's so strong.' Chris, in return, likes hip hop.

Sylvester Stallone

After hearing 'Yellow', Sly asked to use the single 'Trouble' in his 2001 racing driver film, 'Driven'. But Chris turned him down!

We hate him

Liam Gallagher

'If him and his gawky bird want to go banging on about the war they can do it at their own gigs' said the Oasis frontman when Chris asked the audience at a Teenage Cancer Trust gig at which they both performed to 'sing against the war'. Continued Liam: 'That lot are just a bunch of knobhead students. What's all that with writing messages about Free Trade on his hand. If he wants to write things down I'll give him a fucking pen and paper. Bunch of fucking students'.

Liam Gallagher did not go to university.

Meanwhile, Chris says that Liam's 'Songbird', from the Oasis album Heathen Chemistry , is so beautiful it makes him cry.

The other Chris

Google hits say: Chris Martin is a New Zealand cricketer who bowls right-hand fast-medium; Chris Martin lives in Cheltenham and designs websites.


Buy a TreeTube (a hollow log) from Coldplay atwww.futureforets.com for the festive season, and they will plant a tree in the band's very own forest in Karnataka, South India.

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MY lasting memory of Chris Martin? Him creeping out of my bedroom window with a rucksack containing his rancid-smelling socks.


Not exactly Love Story, is it? I know this because I dated Chris on and off for a couple of years while I was a student at Oxford University.


He was infatuated with me - I even convinced myself some of his songs were about me. But I never felt the same way. I knew the fumbling, innocent Chris who didn't smoke, drink or swear. More folk singer than rock god.


We met in the summer of 1998. I was 20, he was 21 and I was interviewing him for my college newspaper. His train-track braces, woolly jumper and crumpled chinos were an instant turn-off and you just couldn't take him seriously. Here was this geeky public schoolboy singing about lost love and rejection when it was obvious he hadn't had much, if any, experience with girls.


But he was intelligent, funny and I liked him. A couple of nights later he turned up on my doorstep wearing the same crumpled outfit andgoofy grin. After drinks at his friend's house - Chris stuck to water - we went back to his digs, but his shyness and inexperience turned what was a promising love scene into a Benny Hill sketch.


Every time he came in for a kiss my teeth banged on his braces. One minute we were lying on the sofa kissing passionately, the next I'd been grabbed in a bear hug and thrown to the rug. Then his best mate Phil walked in. Mortified, I ran to the bedroom. It was a huge room - but the bed was like an ironing board when we cuddled up together. It was uncomfortable, not only because of the crush, but also because I wasn't sure I wanted to be there. Chris was very sweet and started making a bed for himself on the floor, but by this time I had decided I wanted to go. We didn't kiss again.


I left feeling I'd started something I shouldn't have because I wasn't sure I really fancied him that much. The next day he turned up at my house and told my best friend Holly how lovely he thought I was. Days later he turned up again and Holly told him I was asleep. But he came into my room and sat on the edge of my bed. He was going back to London and wanted to talk to me before he left.


He whispered: "You're amazing" and stroked my hair and cheek. It was a really tender moment but I told him I was tired and he left. Three weeks later, Coldplay had a gig in London - they were still just an up-and-coming band at that time. I couldn't believe it when he dedicated one of hissongs; Such A Rush, to me. He said: "This one's for Emma - sorry, I know you think it's miserable".


Afterwards one of the guys said: "You cost Chris a lot of therapy. We haven't got any sense out of him since Oxford." It made me feel awkward. I spent the next nine months in Italy reading about Chris's success. I couldn't believe he had become such a sex symbol.


To me, he was still the awkward boy I'd met at college. When I came home, posters of Chris were everywhere. And when the band came to play in Oxford I realised he was transformed. The braces were gone, leaving a sexy smile in place of his goofy grin. He was a stunner and cockier with it. After the gig, he kissed me on the cheek and took me to a bar to chat. I had shots of rum, and although I persuaded Chris to have one, it made him grimace.


He suggested we go to a hotel, joking that he had the money from the gig in his bag - but somewhat blew the fantasy when he asked if there was a Travelodge nearby. In the end, we walked along the canal as dawn was breaking and I was thinking, "It might be all right this time, this has been a perfect night".


We stopped at a playground where he pushed me on the swings and roundabout. He told me he had been seeing another girl - I didn't know if he still was. We kissed awkwardly and I was teasing him that he was still shy in a physical sense. I wondered if the girl he'd been seeing had helped him get over that. But he refused to be drawn on whether he'd slept with her. We went back to Holly's house and I joked he had beenpresumptuous in bringing his overnight kit.


He explained he always kept clean socks with him because he had really smelly feet. We got into bed together and things began to get heated, certainly more than they had before.


We got intimate and he even took his socks off. We stopped just short of going the whole way as Chris said he didn't believe in sex before marriage and I'd decided it was too soon as the chemistry between us didn't feel quite right. Thankfully, as the decision to stop was mutual, there was no awkwardness between us.


To my knowledge Chris had never been in love with a girl. I used to tease him, but he wasn't embarrassed because he believed there's only one person out there for someone. One-night stands were not his thing. In the morning I went to pick up his socks and he said "Don't touch them, they're toxic, that's why I carry a spare pair".


Before he left, he heard the students in the house saying, "Chris Martin is here!" so he stuck his rucksack on, gave me a kiss and climbed out of the window. I watched him leave from behind the curtain. It turned out to be the last time I saw him. I called his best friend a couple of days later to see if he'd made it to the gig and Chris came on the line.


There was a steeliness to him that I hadn't heard before and he said our last night had been shallow. He also told me how busy he was with the band. It was clear it was the end of our friendship. Later, I learned he met another girl at the Glastonbury festival the following week. He never contacted me again. I sent him a text message at the Brits in 2001 to wish him good luck, and another to say congratulations after the band won best album for Parachutes, but got no reply.


I was hurt, but looking back it was clear he was on his way to stardom. I was just a girl from the past. But I don't have any regrets and think Chris will make an excellent husband and father. From my own experience he'll do everything he can to make Gwyneth happy.


When I think about him now I only have fond memories, and though we weren't right for each other, at least I've got a great story to tell my grandchildren one day.


Love Emma Holland

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I don't think I could ever imagine Chris Martin being unattractive enough to where women would turn him down like that.





Touche, self. I see your point.




I was about to show you this picture! :lol:

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