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Newbie here


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Hi ya,

I a new girl this forum and do like Coldplay, my name is nicky and i live in the uk, i am intersted in music and More to that my favourite two bands KEANE and COLDPLAY.

Hmmmmmm What else about i am a student and i am doing Child Care BIG MISTAKE and i can't spell that well so i am sorry if i spell any word wrong.


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Uhm that bling thing is like...I dunno actually. You get bling when you post and then you can buy a lottery ticket(s) and go into the draw to get..something. Sorry! I dont really know. If you want a picture or to update your sig or whatever just click profile which is up the top.

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You need to resize a picture for your avatar? I'd help you but I have no idea about that kind of stuff. :lol:

If you cant work it out by yourself or no one can help you, then maybe try & post on the "coldplaying.com" part of this forum, and Ian or someone else can help you out then. :)

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