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(I love that word)


What is the effect commercials and, mainly, tv have on you?


I basicly ask that because I have always been very skeptical about what's being showed on tv, and a couple of months ago we decided to change satellite tv for musical instruments, so no instead of having 5 tellys with channels we have many instruments and 5 tellys that only show black and white spots. (it was way too much, so we've got one with DVD now so we can watch movies).


Now I have not a totally different view, because I was never much part of the mass, but I've got even further away. All the 'lastest fashions and icons' I get to know are just thanks to the newspaper an it's funny to see the way press changes and specially propaganda changes.


I 've got a couple of friends who are even more paranoid than me, and they believe the channels were trying to control us, and now that we are not the only family among my friends which are banning tv, we realised that it is true, though I'm not sure it's the channels intention; you spend so much time watching the news or sports or movies, that tv becames an important part on your life when it really is dispensable. You might say tv is not escencial for you, but try being without tv for a month; the first days will probaby be a nightmare (wasn't in my case cause we had music and I have 2 very funny brothers).

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and the Russian Revolution :lol:..... It's amazing what history can teach you :lol:


hahahaha **puts on straight face**, i don't think so.


i agree wid the lolly, I did history for gcse, and i just think of that poster with lord kitchener 'britons need you', you know the one :P

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What is the effect commercials and, mainly, tv have on you?


EVERYONE is affected by propaganda! some of it is so effective that you dont even notice it :stunned:


I know! I never said "I'm not affecetd by it" or anything like that; it's just some people is more susceptible than others!


and I know about the tv aswell, I can pretty much tell the difference when I had tv and now I don't and how by brothers were dying for a Toatl 90, or any staff Ronaldinho uses and now they just stick to football. Stuff like that I mean... I'm not trying to change anything here, just asking!

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