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Im Back (Once again)


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Hey, thanks guys, its good to see you all again.


Hey Maaww Chaplin, I was offline getting my internet sorted.


Coming back here, even though its only been 3 weeks, everything changes completely, its like starting all over again! Gah! I hate it.


Oh yeah, and Im on MSN now, somebody add me because I need friiiiends. Or leave your adress here.

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Its changed so much, not physically, of course its still perfect and perfection cant be changed. But mentally, its like a different entity from the rest of me, it used to be inseperable with my tailbone, now it wont even tell it what time it is. Unless its buttox massage time, which it ALWAYS is by the way.


Its realised its superstar diva status, its demanding makeup and tanning salons, and crisp Evian water, which is the only thing it doesnt get cuz thats SICK

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