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March 12th KCRW-*piccies inside & much much more!*


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I really enjoy what if, and speed of sound, a message is good too, but surprisingly, I didn't really care for square one... also, if you guys download the flac files, if you download dbpoweramp and a codec for it, you can convert the flac files to mp3 :)

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Guest LiquidSky
So i went to the KCRW concert last night..............







The guys were so great, coldplay sounded awesome. It was pretty much the same setlist as the troubadour. I was 5 rows after the pit in the middle, i've never been that close in a coldplay concert before. And it was just so cool to see them right there. I took a bunch of pics and video clips that I'm going to try and post on the main cp board tomorrow, but right now for some reason it won't let me go on there.


So the songs were awesome. I LOVED the new songs!! I was so impressed by them. I was honestly a little skeptical about the new stuff because i wasn't too crazy about the new songs they started playing on the last tour. however now i am 100% CONFIDENT that this new album will be nothing short of amazing. I honestly loved every new song they played last night. I can't remember all of them now, but I think A Message or whatever its called was my favorite. The songs definitely have a different feel to them than the old stuff, but in a good way. It is a step forward. And coldplay were definitely back to their old selves. Chris did his usual joking around and putting himself down in between songs. And during In My Place he went over and was singing to jonny and saying "you've still got it!" to him (awwww). and they played SPARKS!!! I never thought i'd hear this live. It was beautiful. And Guy sat down on stage for this one and was just chillin. Politik was the opening encore and chris messed up a little bit and started singing that he wanted a cue to get back in (i actually got this on video too). They did seem really happy up there, and I hope they were. They better be pleased with themselves cause their new live shows and album is going to be awesome.

Oh and for you coldplay fanatics - Guy cut his hair a little bit, Will was wearing a shirt that said "44" and jonny looked snazzy as ever. And at the end they took their traditional bow together. I actually ran out of memory on my digi cam by Yellow (the last song) so i wasn't able to get that on video or take pics of them doing their bow, but the girl next to me did so i'll get her pictures from her.


Oh and just to add more, it actually hit me a few songs in that i was seeing coldplay right there and i just got this totally blissful/euphoric feeling. Don't you love when that happens at concerts? I couldn't believe i was there witnessing them. Uhh i am going to have coldplay withdrawls soon.


Coldplay is back, and better than ever. :D

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