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Was Chris with Gwyneth at the Oscars?


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I like how she present the award... :D and she did it as best as she can... she surprised giving the awards and can't pronouce the amenabar name correctly but was amazing anyways. :D


Aww it's sad if she really won't be with chris on his bday... seems they use to not be together in those moments... anyways think, if they'll be paparazzies will chase them and chris will argue again with some photographer so i think they don't meet on this specials days 'cause that and hey they are busy with work now.. so... :)

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Gwyneth was beautiful. I loved her dress.


Chris wasn't there. She spoke about Chris to Access Hollywood saying that she'd never walk the red carpet or anything with him b/c it'll basically be putting their relationship in the spotlight and make it more public and blah blah blah.


But she said that the Paltrow/Martin household is very happy.

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