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No more alcohol...NEVAAA!!


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Saturday night i was with my boyfriend and some pals...he got so fucking drunk and under that influence he treated me like shit...next day he didn't know what happened and shit...we fought so much...alcohol is not the answer...alcohol sucks...i'm not gonna drink or smoke NEVAAAA


i quit drinking and im pretty happy. no abstinence crises.....no yet! :D

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:dozey: uh huh.....yeah.....of CORSE you do :rolleyes:


:lol: so over all was it good then?, did ya mate have a fun b'day? did she get any funny pressies, i'd have given her something plastic and long :lol:


(!!i meant a pen!!)

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koola shaka, i can't wait til it's my 18th, i know it was her 19th, i'm just saying....gonna be a wild night, i'll prolly end up playin a gig or sumik, that's the thing i love doing the most, ya can't beat a live crowd, hey i just realise....you're a drummer......we're auditioning drummers :wink3:


:lol: joking....

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