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No more alcohol...NEVAAA!!


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nah you're a woman :lol: j/k


hey will you pleeease go into one of these threads i forget which and tell that pai person, how ugly i am, she's annoying me with all her 'i don't think you're ugly' phrases, when she hasn't even seen me. :rolleyes:

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Saturday night i was with my boyfriend and some pals...he got so fucking drunk and under that influence he treated me like shit...next day he didn't know what happened and shit...we fought so much...alcohol is not the answer...alcohol sucks...i'm not gonna drink or smoke NEVAAAA


ALCOHOL SUX! of cors it does!

do you know what I did when I was the last time drunk??

I kissed another guy, although I have a boyfriend :o

I swore that I won't drink for one month...and I'll make that!!!

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but .. you know... alchool..... party.....men.....SEX! :idea2:



(im not perv, ok?! ;))



so.. lets go back to the topic.

i havent drank since some months but i love smirnoff ice! with a slice of lemon. and also "pinga", a traddicional drink in BR. :D

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im not perv! i swear! btw... i think i we havent introduced ourselves yet!

im alessandra :D

and your name remindes my teenagehood! :D


i havent drink the flavoured smirnoff but i think it isnt so good as the original.

have you drunk the "black" smirnoff?

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mafe, the fuck addicted!!! :lol:

how are you, dear? :kiss:

havent seen you!



fuck is addicted no thanks to the alcohol! but sometimes it is the reality! mwwahahahaha....I'M COOOOOLLLL...HAPPY TO SEE YA AGAIN ALE!


Joy...alcohol = sex = addiction....all of them are conected

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