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Square One


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I personally think this is going to be the album title. im almost sure of it. today on the radio announcement, chris said that they had a song "Square One" that has totally shaped the rest of the album. Well wouldnt that be what a title does, shapes the album? Plus it sounds really cool, im really excited for this song! Also, he said it was designed to be played live, and theyve said they have a song to lead of their set and album with that had "intent" similair to Politik for AROBTTH. I think this is also Square One. If it is meant to be played live, that also makes it seem to me like they would be comfortable with it as a single. And remember when Chris said they were going away to reinvent the wheel? i think this pretains to that. you know, going back to square one to develop something new. Anyway, probably overspeculation on my part, but i think it will be the album title!

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